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A good friend of mine runs a big Volkswagen show, he knew i was into design and wanted the previous flyer updating and bringing to the 21st century.. the show is called Elsecar Mega Meet.

please let me know your opinions. he seemed very pleased with the outcome.

here is the old flyer..


and here's the new one :)


comments and opinions welcome :)
While I think your version is an improvement, I don't like the choice of photography - you should try and select an image that is exciting, shows the size of the show and would make car enthusiasts want to come along - the pic you are currently using gives the impression that the car show is taking place in a small garage space.

You could also try adding car logo's to the poster so that it's clear what the poster is advertising. The date, venue and price are the most important pieces of information - the details about the show (ie Raffle, DJ etc) could be much smaller.
Yep, I second the comment about the picture. I’m sure there are nicer/better cars than an old golf which has been lowered beyond all reason (sorry if it’s yours!).

I also wonder about the font you’ve used for the details - I kind of struggle to read it a bit. What about using the same font you’ve used for the main title?
cheers chaps :) the picture was decided by the organiser.. (but this has now been changed as i agree with you both)
as for the golf its not mine, but its is quite low. the lad catches his sump on cats eyes!

anyhow, thanks again. :icon_smile:
You could also try adding car logo's to the poster .

The verison you have done looks FANTASTIC. :)

i would make this key as the VW logo is so noticeable. anyone with a slight fancy for a VW will see it.
Even if its subtly in the background that will look great! Good the date is right at the top.

I would have used humour and connected it to a round of golf implying that the event is much more intersting than walking about hitting a ball (if that makes any sense :icon_biggrin:) using an image like this:


digg out an old school advert (permission granted by copyright of course) - that will attract attention too.
These would make a good animated banner on the likes of piston heads and other VW forums.

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haha thank you! i like that idea! cant beat a bit of humour!

cheers :D

what about:

"unfortunately, you may never look as cool as this!"

"But at least your car could!"

"Come to the car show blaa blaa etc."

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