Car Illustration - Where to find?

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Hi Guys

I need an illustration of a car, you know the type that 'Hertz' would have on a form, where you mark the scratches/damage before you take the car away, ideally showing the front/back/sides and roof.

Had a quick look on the usual stock sites with no joy and just wondering if someone knows of one or somewhere to find one to save me some time?
Is it for personal use or something commercial? Any specific car? A blueprints site might be better but I'm not sure about legality of using the designs.
I had to find some of them a year or two back and I remember it not being easy! Have you tried searching for a specific model? I think thats how I found mine.
I did an illustration job for a local car rental a while back.. I ended up taking a photo of one of their cars, live tracing the life out of it in Illy then drawing / tracing over the top of what I had left

I too have a huge archive of manufacturer specific vehicles in vector format. PM me if still required.
There's a site I think called 'the blueprints' where a guy has done line drawings of pretty much every vehicle out there. Pretty cheap too as I remember.