Canvas Print Artwork


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Hi Guys,

I'm making a canvas for my very white and non colourful office.... want to bring a bit of colour into it so I'm making a 6ft wide panoramic print. Just looking for ideas and constructive criticism on my design: - Canvas.jpg

Let me know your thoughts


Are you a printer?

If I'm brutally honest, I'm not keen at all. The letters CMYK are so overused it's beyond belief. There isn't a lot of design to it, but a few coloured stripes on top of an image I can't even make out. Why not actually find a bright image or something and play around with the colours in Photoshop, because that doesn't work for me, at all.
I echo Arrivals' post here. I can't make it out either. I guess if it fits your personal taste, then, it's your office to do what you like with, it just doesn't hit the spot for me.
Canvas print colours often end up looking duller than you might expect, its the nature of the material. Its worth considering a large gloss print in a frame. It may be more expensive but if you want to showcase colour quality, canvas might not be the best approach.