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Hi All

I wanted to hopefully generate a lot of responses to this thread to see if what i'm looking in a web design job, does actually exist out there by hearing from other peoples experiences.

I'm on the look out for a web design job where a company needs designers to just come up with the "look and feel'' interface designs/ concepts, but doesn't require that same designer person to have the knowledge to code their designs as well..
i'm pretty sure that pure web interface/designer roles do exist, but i'm finding them hard to come by and few and far between judging from my own personal job search experience...Has anyone else experienced the same when looking for web design roles?

It just seems that every web design job i see nowdays expects designers to be able to code as well as design in order to get the job, which seems unfair because its not like web developers are expected to be able to design is it???

My issue is ive followed a few online tutorials about coding up a PSD design into a html/css workable site, and i've found that not only do i find these tutorials hard to follow and frustruting but also very dull and boring. i'd rather leave the coding of my designs to someone who knows what they are doing and more so someone who enjos doing this stuff, id rather concentrate on becoming a better interface designer than worry about technical code, code doesnt interest me in the slightest bit and i dont't think this view will change.

So even though i would like to focus on designing purly website interfaces, can i still consider myself a website designer??

Your thoughts please.........
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I do know of designers (graphic) who design the look of wesbites and then get them coded but I would imagine that in these credit-crunched times people who can code as well as design are far more valuable. The way the trend of websites is heading being able to code is vital. Websites aren't just about pretty pictures, but clean coding, good seo and good accessibility.

Possibly your best bet would be to get into a graphic design job/agency and get into web design from there.

Have you been to college/university or are you purely self-taught?
A fair number of web designers don't write code, it isn't unusual. As long as you have an appreciation for how something will be put together so that your designs aren't torturous to construct!

Of course that doesn't mean a lot of people aren't going to be looking for someone who can do it all, especially if websites aren't their main focus and they only want to employ one person to do the whole thing.

It tends to be larger companies who recognise the benefits of letting their designers concentrate on producing great new designs and leaving the templating to a different department.
Try approaching marketing agencies, I was asked to do some work for a company which only needed basic html email campaigns designed.
I have or had this problem, where the thought of coding terrified me.

now however, ive taken a few days so far to sit and actually try and learn how to code a design of my own.

its quite a fun process if you can get your head round it all, the sense of achievement.

im working on my first website now and hopefully will be launching it soon as my portfolio site. - if you fancy having a look
Your designs will be better if you have at least an understanding of how a web page is assembled with HTML & CSS....I think you probably ought to take a proper look at them as they aren't that hard to get the basics with.