canon pixma ts 8050 wont print black

mjs warlord

New Member
I have a canon pixma 8050 that wont print anything in black , i tried it in word and did a print screen of my task bar with same results .... no black.

This is what i tried

1. downloaded latest driver
2 deep clean nozzles
3. run print test in maintenance tab
4 ran print head alignment program

On the colour print test the 2 strips marked bk for black show as dark grey. ........ i done a bit of googling and saw a screenshot of a colour test , their was a pgblk above the cyan for the big black cartridge , my print test does not show a strip for the big black.

On the print head alinement test their are lots of solid blue oblongs like their should be , their are 2 oblong black and 1 oblong with black broken lines
Is there actually ink in the cartridges?

Are you using canon ink cartridges, last time I used non canon ink cartridges it killed my print head and I needed a new printer (not kidding).

Sometimes multiple deep cleans or a gentle clean of the nozzle (if you can get to it) with some alcohol cleaner can clear out a blocked nozzle but generally in my experience canon cartridges just dry out if not used for a long time and the only way round it is buying new ones.
i always use genuine cartridges and they are all full , i just watched a video of how to use a cleaning kit ..... it wont print black so i suppose its worth a try , i am sure the large black is the problem because as i say its not doing the PGBLK ( large black ) on my test print