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Hey everyone,

My website (Canny Creative | Graphic & Web Design Studio based in Northumberland, England) is a work in progress at the minute, but I'm looking for some initial feedback. I know a lot of the sections aren't completed etc, but I'm mainly looking at your views on the Portfolio pages, the actual project pages.

I need them compared and contrasted? Does one of them work better than the other? The wording in general too. Does it all seem to sit right?

What are anyone's impressions?

I'm also looking for some opinions on the banner on the front page too. The Nivo slider. Is the website on different devices the best way to display it? Or should it be a close up of one page etc?
I like it so far, nice clean design.

A couple of things I've noticed:

I'd make the background of the text on the homepage banner a little darker maybe. Although I can read the text, with the background showing through I struggled to keep my eyes on the actual words.

Some of the social media icons at the top have a white background

I don't want to start pointing out other things as I'm sure you've still got a fair bit to do before it's crit ready :icon_smile:
Cheers Paul.

I think some of the social media icons at the top came as standard to the theme, I'm sure on the ones I uploaded myself I removed the white background.

I think the background could do with darkening on the banner a bit too yeah. I'm not sure about displaying them all on Mac's etc.
Really like the look of it so far; it's very clean, stylish and just feels really smart.

I think the portfolio pages work well if that's how they'll be, although there may be some pieces where perhaps there isn't too much to say about them.

Regarding the homepage slider, I think I'd prefer just having the one shot rather than multiple devices.

Great work so far though, so it's promising for the final thing :)
Cheers. I think I want to change the homepage slider.

Would you have it in the device at all? Or just a close up of the page etc?

And, the portfolio is probably going to stay like that if everything thinks it looks fine. There isn't much to say about each slide to be honest.
I don't think I would have the device in it at all, just the close up. I do think the device can look good in the portfolio when showcasing web design, but I wouldn't on the slider.