Can someone create this logo for me? Will pay via paypal


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Guys can someone create this logo for me, exact imitation but sharper and its use of colour as the one shown. The one shown is pixelated and you can see the pixels which i dont like. Can someone create it and i will pay them £20 or $50? The link for it is below.

Yeah, thats a complex logo to recreate as a vector for £20!!

I'll do it for £120.00 / $200

All assuming you have copyright on that image.
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Yes.. I Can Design The Logo For You At $50

£20 is cheap!!!!!!! Did you get your figures wrong?

It's normally 5 times more.

I'd say 100.
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Guys, this thread is bluddy more insightful than many others I've seen. I would've done it for 20 you know, but now you're all saying 120, so my pricing for future reference is in place!

I'll do it for 110, save yourself a tenner?:icon_tongue_smilie: