Can anyone recommend a good trade printer for Business cards and flyers


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Can anyone recommend a good trade printer for Business cards and flyers. I've been using Tradeprint for a while and although they are good value I don't think the quality is very good. I love the quality of Moo but obviously they are very expensive. Does anyone know of a company which might be high quality but cheaper?
Thanks Nick
You think Moo are expensive?

Any trade printer gang prints products - that is all the print jobs are printed on to the same print and trimmed, and sent out. There is very little quality control.
You're better off approaching some printers your area who are likely able to produce a better quality and finish that you desire. Plus you can see samples and test prints before deciding.
For premium cards, I've used Aubergine Print for years. I don't know how the price compares to what you've been using but I've never had a problem with the quality.
Their service is good and they ship direct to the customer in unbranded packaging.

Assuming you're printing for a client then you need to pass on that cost but be an advocate for the quality.
The best way to do that is to have your own cards done with a premium service then you can showcase why it's worth extra spending extra.
If I give an all-in price and the client thinks it's expensive then I usually offer to just supply print-ready artwork at my hourly rate. And they can do with it what they like, as I don't want to put my name to poor quality. When they realise they have to organise something that they don't really know about they let me handle it. But sometimes a client already has their own print supplier so that's fair enough.

Where it has happened that they take the files to vista print or someone, they sometimes come back and ask me to get them done once they've got through the first batch and realised what they got was rubbish.

FYI - I always expect to add a 20-40% markup to any print I handle.
Thanks for the great advice everyone. Really handy, yes I think I thought Moo was expensive because I had bought the luxury cards from them before but actually the standard cards aren't too much more and I managed to set up a business account with them this week which gives you 20% off but yes I would rather encourage my clients to have better quality by paying a little extra. I will look at Aubergine. I do like the service from Tradeprint but so much of my work is ordering print that goes direct and I don't get to see the quality and on ordering cards for myself recently I didn't like the quality and every card had ink smudges on the cards so they redid them for me. Anyway thanks again.