can anyone help to identify this quirky take on a font please?


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I was wondering if anyone can help me identify this quirky font used by in one or two places on their website and also on their packaging?

On the website it is used for the title image and also the images that click through to twitter and facebook on their blog page
see the left hand column on...
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These are one or two shots from the packaging...



The lower case "o" is very irregular (it is biased to the left and its outside circumference is not a regular elipse, unlike its centre)
The lower case "b" has a distinctive left hand slope on the left hand vertical and gets progressively wider towards the top


the base line of the letters is not entirely regular either - as the picture above shows te lower case "k" slopes upwards so that its right hand base sits higher than the left hand base of the n

Any help to identify the font would be greatly appreciated, as would any other fonts which give a similar effect

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No idea, though it looks like it was probably hand drawn (possibly based on Georgia or similar) and then digitised at some point. Some of the letters don't sit on or below the baseline enough, the uppercase E is damn ugly, and the uneven counters (such as the W) make me wonder if it was created as a font by someone with font software, but little knowledge of typography.
Looks to me like someone couldn't be bothered to buy the license and made outlines from a screenshot of a typeface.