Campaign Name Inspiration


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Hi All,
I'm currently starting a project for a points/loyalty scheme for our customers. I work in the Custom Electronics/Technology industry as a designer. I'm trying to think of a name to begin with. Our company is called InvisionUK, so possibly have something that links with our company name? Or not?

I'm finding the name quite difficult, I've found no inspiration as yet! The best I've come up with is iRewards or iPoints (the 'i' is a bit too over used I think)!

Any suggestions or inspiration will be much appreciated!

Cheers =D
'i' is over used - but you could try 'in' - inPoints - ties in the with name (or VisionPoints...) Texaco uses "Star Rewards" - which ties in with their logo... or E (for electronics)... Write down as many as you can - even really silly ones - unrelated - anything and then leave it for a while ... come back to it much later and see what transpires
I like 'inPoints', makes me think about being part of something, i.e. "you're in" :)

That's quite a nice extension of the idea but 'inPoints' doesn't really trip off the tongue without a bit of a shove from behind.

Being quite fond of a good pun, though (or a bad one - doesn't usually matter), my 20 seconds thinking about this - using 'vision' as a cue - produced 'ViewPoints'.

No? You're probably right...