Calling Graphic Designers for Bespoke Competition


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Hi all,

Just to let you know we are running a design competition called Bespoke:

The short version: Bespoke:, in a nutshell, is a community project.

The long version: Bespoke is a concept, that was thought up by a group of designers - McFaul Studio, LUMA and 2xanadu - for the community of designers around the world.

The idea is to provide a platform that serves several different purposes, the first being the opportunity to freely create a design without any limitations of a normal brief. i.e there is no client, audience, image, colour scheme etc. You just do whatever you please. The only limitation is the surface your work ends up on. In this case a fixed gear bike frame, whose curved and, somewhat, limited surface area, should provide some a fairly challenging task, and result in some interesting 'design solutions'.

Then there is the event; a non-profit venture that's to be held in October, in Brick Lane, which is considered by many to be the 'creative hub' of London, if not the UK. For the event we have invited some of the world's leading designers to participate in having their work transferred onto 20, of 30, bike frames in the show and exhibited for everyone to see. The remaining 10 bikes are for the winning competition entrants, which will be placed in the show alongside the bikes designed by industry professionals.

The brief is simply to design an illustration for a Fixed Gear bike frame which is to be displayed at the exhibition show at Brick lane London.

For more info and to sign up please visit:

2xanadu presents Bespoke: the revolution is here!

Thanks :icon_smile:


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