Calling Designers


There is a forum post in the competitions section for not quite a competition but something that we are offering from Skin consortium, the post has not had any views on it, neither has that forum section yet.

We are looking for talented artists to help design some skins with regard to films, games, bands etc.. using their talents (no rips).
We are giving away small amounts of money, the other aspect is recognition and literally hundreds of thousands of downloads of your work if people like it.

We are looking for artists who have no coding experience but wanting to skin Winamp, we have our own plugin called ClassicPro or cPro.
Please see the actual design thread on the SC forum -Here-
or alternatively check out the post in the competition forum, it's not a competition, there is an opportunity here for real money and real recognition, we can also put up a profile and project page for people who take us up on this