Calling all graphic designers - advice needed


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I am new here!

I just wondered if some of you graphic designers could give me some feedback on the new site I have just launched?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you

Looks good, professional and very easy to use, well done :icon_smile:

Suprised you accept all major Microsoft files to be honest, surely this opens up all kinds of scope for error. E.g conversion to CMYK, resolution, bleed etc etc

How would you print an A4 word document full colour that has used low resolution 72dpi clip art and needs a 3mm bleed? This is what we get sent all the time and to be honest it takes so much time to explain to the client what the problems are that it is just not worth offering. Hence we set strict guidelines now as to what we require eg, press ready PDF's at a minimum of 300dpi.

P.S: Noticed that you have posted the same message on all the main Graphic Design Forums, be interesting to see if you pop back to respond and indeed take part in our newly created online community.
Nice easy to use site, but as Damon has said your asking for a whole heap of headaches accepting MS files, unless the plan is to charge fees to transfer those files into press ready artwork.
Basically the user has posted the same thread on many forums, I gave them 2 weeks to respond and partake in our online community with no response, hence link removed.

We are not an advertisement board :icon_smile:
This was me :eek:(

Sorry for not replying. This was a long time ago and the website had barely been launched so it was all a bit hectic!

I really enjoy browsing the forums now!