Calling ALL designers

Andrew Rivers

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I run a luxury printing company and we are currently looking for partnership with designers and other printers.

We will offer constant discounts from 10-30% off our already competitive trade prices.

In return, we would like to be your supplier for bespoke printing products including but not limited to:
Foil stamping, Letterpress, Emboss/De-boss, Thermographic, Silk screen/ Screenprint, Edge printing.

You can see some of our work on:

Any interested parties can pm me and I can send more samples to you via post.


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That's a great way to leave your DNA at a crime scene! I'd advise against doing the latter part, if you're going to follow through with the former... get it...follow through... I'll get my coat.


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I get it! :D

They don't call me the "High Fibre Felon" for nuttin'.
I used to ride with the "5 a Day Gang". ;)


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Not wanting to sound spammy or anything but just seen Andrew's work first hand and it's true blue.

Business cards that would stop a round from an AK47 and still look awesome.