Calculating a Retainer proposal amount


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Hi all

I have been slowly building my biz now for a while and ive now been asked to give a price for an annual retainer.

I dont want to give too much on away but essentially for the year there are 10 individual projects to be branded. Each of the ten include:

A logo and a 12 page brochure
Advertising and signage (a few different designs for each)

A photographer will provide images and all the text provided copywritten already. I will probably buy in nice fonts for each project.

Any suggestions on how you approach these thing?


Dave L

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Retainers need to work to everyone's advantage, the plus for you being payment upfront, for which they're entitled to expect a discount on your rate in return. I wouldn't personally agree to complete a given number of projects for a set fee as you never know exactly how things will unfold so I'd negotiated to sell a block of hours which I estimated as sufficient to cover the likely work/lifespan of the deal and start the bidding at 5 per cent of my standard rate (with an extra 5 in my pocket if negotiations go that way): when the hours are used up, renew the arrangement, renegotiate or revert to your hourly rate. Any costs (e.g. fonts) would be offset against available hours.