Buying Photoshop from the US


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So I'm looking to buy Photoshop CSx as I'm currently using Elements 8 but would like the extras that only come with the `grown up` version like 16/32bit support to name just one.

Ideally, I would like to get CS4 or even a cheap CS3 and upgrade but I finding getting hold of an older version that even remotely looks legit is impossible. Even Amazon seem to be rife with knock off versions from various marketplace sellers so I'm not even going there.

I can't really afford £561 that Adobe UK would want for an upgrade to CS5 so I thought I would look to the US for a cheaper version. I'm not going to start ranting about the UK v US prices as it's been done to death already :)

i spoke to Adobe about this and they informed me that there would be no problem in upgrading a UK Elements 8.0 to a US CS5.

Looking at the huge chain that is B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Camcorders, they have a copy of CS5 going for $776.60 which includes all relevant taxes and 3-5 day UPS delivery.

This equates to £471 which is £90 cheaper than buying from the UK store. Whilst still alot of money, it seems like a no brainer, but am I missing something here? Has anyone else done it this way?

I'm also considering asking my friend who lives in NY to post me a copy over and maybe if customs don't open it up I can shave off another $161 which is £97.

Any thoughts?