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Tony Hardy

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So I'm after buying my desired domains. I'd prefer to do it through 123-Reg...but it's confusing me in the respect of it's asking if I want to 'purchase email' for the domains?
I'd like to have [email protected] or whatever...but, if I don't buy this can I still get it using my web hosting package?
Email should just come with the hosting package... perhaps that's for people who aren't having a website but want to have [email protected]. I have a couple of clients for sure that I have just set up all their emails and we host their websites through 123.
It just depends, if you have purchased the domain through 123 but are changing the DNS settings to host your website elsewhere then you don't need to pay for anything further from them, other than domain renewal every 2 years (recommended).

However, if you are leaving the domain parked with 123 then I think you have to pay for a mailbox, £10 or so a year I think (per email address if I remember rightly).

I presume if you are paying them for hosting that email would be included though. In my opinion 123 reg are only good for buying and parking domains, nothing else.
Yeah, I was just going to buy my domain then direct the name somewhere else.
To be honest though, I may as well just buy it through the hosting you recommended Damon, just as cheap.
Yeah, the e-mail addresses will come with the hosting. When you buy your hosting package it should state somewhere how many mailboxes comes with the package and so on.
eleven2 was recommended by someone here, for which i am a reseller now.

great support although I feel they may be a little oversubscribed on some servers