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Hi All,

I'm looking for a quotation for a business logo, the company name will be called Pegg Serve, the company will be doing reports for other compaines, for time saving, cost cutting etc and will cover a full business service, so the logo will be used for all aspects, Ie, website, letter heads, business cards etc any other details just give me nudge,


Hi there Matt,

We would be very interested in this project i have sent you a PM.

Please feel free to get in touch when your ready and we will help out where we can :eek:)
Dear business owners...
See that request for a quotation up there- that's how you do it.

well done and good luck in your business report writing company. I wish you well- unlike the stone body builder and the twenty quid film company.

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Seconded. Mods: Is there a guide on doing this sort of thing somewhere on the site? If not, this would be a good example to stop the kinds of posts mentioned above.

By the way original poster, my work's here:
If you like it, get in touch.
All he did was ask politely and not try get it for nothing. Isn't that already covered by your "Don't try and scam free work" thing?

That is what SparkCreative is saying, what Matt put is the correct way to ask and maybe we should put up a guide to show others how they should post work requests.