Business cards with a difference


Morning everyone,

Im in the final stages of rebranding my design studio - I specialise in print design and branding. I want my business cards to be a bit different the just a printed bit of card - was thinking about semitransparent plastic, but would love to hear some other ideas. Must be funky but not expensive (on a bit of a tight budget) :thumb:
I've looked at plastic business cards in the past (I'll see if I can dig out the concept)...

That took some finding! lol

I too was on a budget and in the end cost was the main reason I didn't go for them. I decided to get these printed instead..

and to be honest, I get as many comments about what a nice card and how good it feels, as I'd have expected from my far more elaborate design.
Hey BigDave, what sort of print finish did you go with in the end??

Thomas, what sort of price would i be looking at for die cut cards if I were to get them from Aubergine (ballpark)???

thanks guys
Another option is to buy a corner cutter. You can pick one up for about a tenner and I think you can get other shapes.
We use one occasionaly for business cards and it saves a fair bit of money than if you'd got it done through a printer.
It doesn't take too long to punch out a couple of hundred corners.