Business Card Help/Critique


Need some tips for my business card, this is what I've got at the moment:


What needs changing/adding?
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On first look the front of the card reminds me of a lady's fashion boutique rather than a graphic designer. I thinks that is due to the combination of your colour choice and the flower stems / shapes.

The very bold FD logo text on the front and then the bold text on the reverse doesn't sit very well with the delicate front imagery.

I think you need to decide if you want to go bolder with the front imagery or lighter in your choice of font.
i like the general floral design of it, and the plain colours promote simplicity which is great, but I think the D and backwards F are too chunky, and don't really fit to the design.

I do like it though; I think there's only one thing you could touch up on.
I see what you're trying to do but if you want my honest opinion i've listed some possible ways to improve/change below.

On the front cover I'd remove the floral decoration to the right of the circle to simplify and give some breathing space

I'd make the text smaller on the back of the card so it looks neater and again gives more breathing space (on a business card you can even go down to 6pt if need be)

Didn't you get an email with you domain? If you had a more official address it would look better than BT internet

I'd make your name a different weight/typeface/size so it didn't blend in with the company name

And the company name/logo etc seems extremely close to the trim on the card and possibly in danger of being cropped off at the printers

These are just my suggestions though, take on board what you want and good luck with your cards