Business card feedback.


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Hi everyone!

Long time lurker first time poster.

I've been working on a design for a business card. mainly for practice as I'm only just getting into graphic design. I'd really appreciate any feedback you might have about this design in particular.


I think it might be a little too sparse and I should probably use a font other than Helvetica, its a bit overused...

Anyway, any feedback at all would be great!


[Edit] The details on the card are false by the way.
Firstly - I love the illustration and the concept, well done! I'm not a huge fan of the body font you've chosen, it might be worth returning to that, but that's just my opinion and it's a good card on the whole.

Just a couple of technical points; I think you might find that at business card size the text is maybe a bit small, so make sure you print a proof at size to double check. There's a convention for writing telephone numbers so it doesn't end up a massive string of numbers. XXXXX XXX XXX is pretty common so I'd suggest that. As Boss Hog mentioned ensure this is set up with a minimum of 3mm bleed to each edge (you'll struggle to maintain that border unless the guy at the printer is a guillotine God, so ditch that) and to get the most out of the blacks, set up a shiner swatch (which would be something like 25% C,M,Y and 100% black.
Thanks a lot for the feedback guys :D

Its got a bleed, I just cut it out for the purposes of posting the design to the forum.

As for the illustrations they aren't mine unfortunately. They're by Tom Jilesen, a friend of mine (Check out his website, hes amazing!)

As for the Shiner swatch I'd never heard of that technique before, thanks!
One thing if you are saying you are an Illustrator isn't it a little misleading to feature someone else's illustrations on your card?
I'd use the opportunity to feature your own work. Think of the phone call 'Love the illustration on your card...oh, it's not done by you....what's his number then?'

I like the reverse of the card. Perhaps a strong orange (ginger) would tie-in?

Its not a card for myself. I was looking through some of Tom's work when I got the idea.

I can't draw to save my life! Apart from very rough sketches, very, very rough sketches.
My only real issue would be that I find the details very hard to read, it just hurts my eyes.

Illustrator is spelt wrongly too but if it isn't real then I guess it doesn't matter too much :)
Ah crap! Didn't notice the typo...

Thanks again for all the feedback, I'm definitely going to work on some of the stuff you all pointed out for me!