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I have created a logo for my website and want to print business cards.



Front: The background will be converted as 100% black. The logo is a spot UV artwork. (Is this correct: C= 0 M=0 Y=0 K=100 for spot UV?)
What is your advice for the black background, should I convert it as K=100% only? Or else?

Any crit is appreciated!

Your best off asking whoever’s going to print your cards how they’d like the black made up. It will definitely have a percentage of another colour as well but let the experts tell you what.

As for the spot UV, you just need to set it up as a spot colour (in this instance a black works for proofing but you might want to make it a more obvious colour when you send it out to the printers). Just make sure it’s overprinting.
Hi Dean,

I would suggest using 40% cyan, 40% magenta, 0% yellow & 100% black for the solid black area as this will create a richer deeper black than 100% will.

Regarding supplying the spot UV files, its probably best to check how your printer wants the files supplied. We always ask for 2 separate files:-

1. (Description (PRINT).pdf”)
2. (Description (SPOT UV).pdf”)

If you supply the spot UV file as 100% black then you cant go far wrong.

If you haven't found a printer for these yet, just let me know and i'll send you across a price.


Why not unify the domain name with the email address? Also - text me - unusual method of client business communication?

I do keep thinking the logo means - I am 24/7.
Thanks for the responses.

I changed the artwork due to that I feel like the font are taking away from what could be a nice card. They don't feel like they belong at all.

Here is new artworks for my business card:


What do you think, guys?

With the "Text me" on the info, it is cos I am profoundly Deaf, I could not take calls. Do you think I should include this on the info?

Note: The background on the front will be 40% 40% 0% 100% black.

The logo will be a spot UV (100% black), I am not sure if I could use the website address (100% magenta) too, for the spot UV job?

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This is a much, much better font!!
I don't think that the spot-uv guy will be happy with trying to spot-uv the web address!
I also don't think that you need to mention that you are deaf...people do judge. (though it might be to your favour)... needs some thought.
I agree with Kate, not sure which way is best really, some people may not like the fact that they can't speak to you on the phone to discuss etc...but then on the flip side, as a customer I would want to know why I have to text you as this is quite different to most.

I think you should just have the e-mail and no telephone number...maybe :icon_confused:
Thanks for your responses, it sounds like my new artworks attract better, especially with the font job :icon_smile:

I have thought about use email only, but I chose to have the text messaging too, so people can have two options. Rather than only one and limited option.

Some people WILL phone me, I have experienced this and what I can do is phone them back with the text-phone and explain about email/text message method and the reason for this.

"I design graphics and build websites"

I do like this more, but I am concerned about the logo word. Or should the logo keyword on the front be sufficient enough without the logo word on info side?

"I design graphics and build websites"

I do like this more, but I am concerned about the logo word. Or should the logo keyword on the front be sufficient enough without the logo word on info side?

Then how about "I create graphics, logos and websites" or "I design graphics, logos and websites". In my experience the general public don't really differentiate between the process of building a functioning website and designing one (colours, graphics, content etc.) so you should be on safe ground just saying you 'create' or 'design' all three.
"I design graphics, logos and websites"

Decided to go with that :icon_smile:

I broke up a line for the email to stand alone. So it can look more elegant now.


Still not sure about the symbol, tried to integrate it. Maybe I should take it out?

You might find that the deaf symbol is of use...people who know will understand...people who don't won't notice it.
UV spot varnish can really make a business card, but it is subtle. I found colour behind it makes the most of it, also keep in mind the varnish does spread and will fill in finer bits.
I'd break up the telephone number so that its easier to ready i.e. 01438 746 767.

Obviously your chosen typeface is only available in uppercase. I personally feel that your card would flow much better if you kept the sizing of all the letter the same. At the moment you have clearly used caps on an already caps font.

Also, i'd tend to look for a different colour scheme. Black, white and pure magenta has become rather cliched for me unless its been designed very subtly.

Good luck!
...Also, maybe use a typeface that compliments the logo design.
I feel that the rugged text that you currently have is far too similar to the ruggedness of the logo. Maybe just use a simple font such as Helvetica Neue Light so that the simplicity helps the logo and brand identity gain more importance.