Business Card Colour


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Hi peeps,

Im designing a new business card for our firm and really looking to make it very vibrant and sleek.

What colour do you think stands out best?

Bright Yellow / Black type
Bright,Sky blue / White type

What colours do you guys think really hits off on business cards?

Any ideas or color codes will be great.

Thank you.
The colour is any product is very important, it's very hard to direct you when you haven't told us what your business does. But Yellow on Black will definitely stand out!
You're putting the cart before the horse. What does the company do? What's their image? What are you trying to portray with the business card? Should it be big and brash, or calm and refined? Once you've answered those questions, the colour should pick itself.

Thanks for a quick and good response, the question was very bland and vague.

I am referring to people in PRINT, and what colours they see off the press which are very bright and vibrant.
My work is more online than print, and we do have print jobs but very bland (what the company likes) so as you can understand I dont have great understanding of which bright CMYK colours really stand out and are shockingly vibrant.

The cart is firmly behind the horse - it is for a new marketing/advertising company, we have full control of their identity, thats why we are forward thinking of the colours we are going to use for print...

I have been looking at -
306 with white type.
102 with black type.

Also adding Spot UV colours on the type and logo design.

If anyone has any really good bright pantone colour combinations or ideas would be great!
I still think you missed my point. The colours should come out of the identity, which should have an idea behind it. So if the idea is to do with (and this is a horrible cliche) 'blue sky thinking', that leads me to think of certain colours. There should be a reason to pick the colours, not just "We want something bright."
You can't guarantee if a CMYK swatch is going to look vibrant overtime. Each swatch can be at either end of it's tolerance. This is the reason for choosing a Spot Colour as there is no variants in colour tolerance.
should it not belend in with their brand etc?
blue with white and black is always good - possibly with some fade tricks on the bacground color
SparkCreative is so right, if your client (in advertsing/marketing??) has no idea of how to create the 'oomph' you're on a no-winner I'm afraid. if their existing stuff is bland you really got your work cut out.

Identity Ideas first then create visualisations; consider colour. A company trying to re-invent itself is the most difficult and perhaps thankles tasks. My heart goes out to you, braver than I am.:icon_notworthy:.

My choice black on very bright yellow:icon_blushing:
Sorry should have said for my veyr first business (music teaching studio) the printer/designers used very sharp clean images (artdeco)on a 'sunflower' yellow background with a gloss laminate finish. very prominant indeed. Stood out on every notice board certainly more impressive than even fluorescents. :icon_wink:
Thank you for those who gave advice.

...and thanks a couple with the concerns but if I really wanted to discuss the brand or the client I would of put that into the question. I was merely asking for some good views on which colours work on business cards that of which were bright. (nothing else).

thank you :)