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Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone,

I seen a thread on here a while back suggesting Santander as a business bank as it was free, but I think that thread was from a few years ago and wanted some current advice.

I'm about to open my first business account and was looking around. Nowhere seems to offer business banking free forever, so does anyone have any experiences of anywhere they can share with me?

Ideally, I'd like the bank I choose to have an iPhone app too, as it makes it really easy to store my details etc and banks like Santander (I have a current account there) use a stupid long winded login system. (Obviously it's not that stupid as it's there for security, but it gets on your wick).

We are members of the FSB and get free banking forever with Co-op. That said they don't have many branches and the online stuff leaves a bit to be desired! Other than that the best I've seen is 2 years free (last time I looked) and I think that was Lloyds TSB.
Aren't Santander still free? I'm with them and don't pay a penny although the only draw back is you cannot pay money in over the counter, you have to use the machine.
I use Santander for my business banking and they're great as long as you never have to call them (i've sometimes been on hold for 20 mins)
Cheers everyone for the advice!

@BossHog & stthomas Santander isn't free anymore I don't think. I had to call their 0845 number from my mobile today as they don't have an 01 number anymore, which is shocking. They do however have an app which is an advantage to me.

@Katedesign Thanks for that! I was looking in branch for business banking leaflets and there wasn't a sniff of it anywhere, but, I'm already with NatWest and their service has been faultless so I might have to just go with them. Their iphone app is great too.

I can't wait to have a Canny Creative bank card! Haha. Simple things.
Barclays offer 2 years free, which seems to be the longest free period available to new customers, they also have an iphone app. We use them and i have had no complaints thus far (2years and counting)
Our business account is with Barclays and we don't pay anything for the 1st year then they look at your banking over the year and decide whether it not to start charging so every 12 months you get a review.
Where I used to work, we used Lloyds for our business banking, it was 100% free. Whether that's the case now I don't know.
I'm looking into moving my business banking away from Natwest where I am currently to somewhere else. I think its more to do with my bank manager being useless and not being contactable or returning calls when needed most.

I also learned that my credit card takes a whole billing cycle to show up transactions. This is very confusing. I bought a new macbook which used most of my credit limit, so when I paid some money into it, it still didnt update the available credit despite having about £1000 cash in that account. I tried to get in touch to increase the credit limit but so far they havent returned my messages. Apparentlty they dont recommend transferring money from my business current account into my business credit card? Unless I missing something I thought this should be quite a normal thing to do? They recommend paying it by direct debit. At the moment any payments setup on that account will probably bounce despite having plenty of funds in there!! Just seems so daft.

Can anyone recommend anything that sounds like it would be suitable? Don't really have any complicated requirements, mainly just reliable customer service.