Business Advice Needed + More!?


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Hi! I have been doing graphics for around 5 months now, i am going to study graphics at college/apprenticeship. I was just wanting to know, how do i find my audience/customers. I have done logos for a fare few company's and they have liked my work and the logo's have been put to use for that specific company. I was wondering, should i create a little store, where customers can purchase, pre-made graphics and custom graphics from me and what i have already designed. To get my audience i was thinking of starting a campaign up online and getting my site shared and noticed a little. Can i have your perspective of things and advice?

Thanks, Ashley!
Hi Ashley,

It's a tricky question really. I think you will probably find selling pre-made graphics difficult. There are a lot of sites doing that already. But don't let me put you off if you really want to go for it. You could even sign up to a site like iStock and try producing graphics for their customers. Just an idea. This way you won't need to create a whole site yourself.

Yeah! I will give that site a look and see what happens! Thanks for the fast reply and the advice :)
Hey there, If you're going to study a formal design course, don't worry to much about building a client base just yet! You'll be busy enough with coursework without adding another stress to life.
There's tonnes of stock image sites you could put your work towards as mentioned already.

But there are other things to consider, like file formats, copyright, image usage, and a tonne of things really.

Getting started on submitting files to stock image sites could give you a bit more expertise in delivering graphics ready designs.

But to be honest, just because a client liked what you did doesn't really necessarily mean it's to everyone's taste. And you have to consider providing all the correct file formats to be downloaded for the content.

You may know this or not, but I am just saying it as these boards can be read by anyone.

I'd concentrate on building your skills as a designer before you concentrate on anything else. There's more to good design than it just looking good.