Bulk t-shirt prints


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I've been tasked with finding around 40 customised t-shirts for work, just one of many exciting assignments for a runner! Can anyone recommend a good company for printing t-shirts in bulk?
I'm also interested in this too (similar quantity) so thought I may as well join in on this thread..!
Anyone recommend a company and what the quality of the print is like? Seen this company ( T Shirt Printing, Embroidered Polo Shirts, Printed T Shirts ) which seens within the sort of price range I'm after.
Its basically just for my friends band who want some T-shirts printing. I'm not sure if for that sort of quantity would they be a similar quality to ones you would buy in a shop? I.e they could be worn and put through the wash a few times and the design would still be in tack and basically last a reasonable amount of time?