Bulk emailing?


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We often collect the email addresses of between 30-50 potential customers at wedding fairs to arrange follow up consultations. Up until now we've had a generic text email which we send out as a follow up and to arrange bookings but they look a bit bland and our mail server only allows a few emails to be sent at once so it takes a long time.

We're looking at building an HTML mail shot through mailchimp to make things more visually interesting for the recipient but with each email potentially being worth a lot of money, I'm concerned that theyll get stopped by spam filters simpy because they come from mailchimp and /or contain HTML.

Am I right to be concerned? Is plain text the better option for this kind of bulk email?
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Hi Big Dave, Mail Chimp is a great way to get past the spam filters, however all HTML emails run the risk of being blocked as it all depends on the users settings. you can minimise the risk by linking to images on your server for the email rather than adding them as attachements as attachments are usualy one of the main reasons emails get blocked.