Building up my portfolio, thoughts?

Hey guys coming up to the end of my third year so working out what to include in my portfolio, can you guys tell me what you think?

Matthew Miller on the Behance Network

I also want to keep adding to it so if anyone has ideas on other areas or subjects I should work on to make a more broad portfolio and what I want to really know is would someone employ me based on what work I have designed?

Thanks, Matt
Very nice work, Im sure you'll be fine when you finnish your course.

For me peronally when I was sorting my portfolio out, I tended to mould it towards the place I was applying for. So I would have more illustration and digital manipulations etc in one PDF portfolio to send or in print, then one with more general design like flyers, logos brochures etc.

I did this after i failed to get a job and the feed back was my portfolio was too visual/illustration/manipulation.
Thanks very much for the comments mate!

Ok maybe il look more into the companies I will be applying for and base some work around what they create!