Brochure overkill?


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I'm about to send an 8 page A5 brochure (self cover) to print but the client has just requested I quote for a thicker stock as they want a thick luxury feel to the brochure. It was was originally going on to 135gsm silk but the only other stock available for the job is 170gsm silk.

I've never sent anything to press on 170gsm before and have no samples to hand to decide if this is overkill or not?.. Any advice much appreciated
Ummm you yes can feel the difference but it's not that signficant really. I have a customer who does a booklet (not through me unfortunately) and he insists on 130gsm internals and a 170gsm cover. I have an example and feeling the pages next to each other I would say it's hardly worth it. If you're going to go for a thick cover do it properly and get a 220+ in my opinion.
Also meant to say, if you can hold on a couple of days I'll see if I can nab another copy off of him and send it in the post to you :icon_smile:
I also agree with above, if this was for a cover for example you would want the cover on a much thicker stock than 170gsm if the inners were 135gsm, but if its a self cover and the increase isn't too much i'd go for the 170gsm.
170gsm is a very common stock nowadays and for a self-cover would be fine. I have a 200gsm 8ppA5 I can send you BUT better still get the printer to give you a dummy made up in the 170gsm and perhaps also in a 200gsm.
And I blatantly didn't read your post properly, ha! I do a 170gsm throughout booklet for one of my peeps and it is fine. But would also say why is 170 the only other stock?
Probably 'cos the printer doesn't want to be left with a shelf load of stock - so they sell fast moving lines only. Helps keep costs down.
I'm using a small local printer for this one and his current silk paper stock is 135gsm or 170gsm. If I'd wanted to go uncoated I could have had anything from 90gsm upwards as the majority of his contract work is on uncoated (he prints about 100,000 a5 booklets a month just on one contract).

I've had stuff done onto 135 & 150 before and there's a slight difference but not so that the customer would notice & so wasn't sure if 170 would be too bigger step up or not.

Thanks for the offer of sending a copy over but it has to go to press today as Im out of the counrty from monday. I've requoted & the jobs been accepted on the 170gsm (the price difference was fairly nominal) so hopefully when I get back off my jollies I should have a happy client!...

Cheers for the advice guys.
We get a lot of companies that bulid homes buying booklets that they use to sell these homes which they buy via use which are on a 300gsm silk stock big difference I'd be happy to send you some sample on the thicker stock that you can use to show your client.

It's only 8 pages, 170gsm will be just fine, in fact i reckon 135gsm would be far too light for something with so little bulk. Not overkill at all.