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Hi All

I have attached an image, I need a quote for 500 or 1000 of this style flyer/brochure holder. As you can see from photos it is a fairly big print job (attached). Cannot seem to find anyone who can take the entire job. It is a bit out of our regular printer's realm.

I would be supplying the design so if it was a template job if I can use the cut template will come print ready.

Thanks in advance.


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I really should proof read before clicking send - I look a little "special" on reading what I've written.

This would appear to be printed both sides, so how is that achieved; Is it folded and glued back on itself (FBB being single sided)?

Other than that I need to know the size. All I need is the size of the rectangle that this will sit inside; obviously this would be determined by the answer to the question above.

no it is printed single sided. then has a twisted and fold style cut on the holder. - Its heavy stuff for a Monday morning!

many thanks