Brochure Design advice


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I need to produce a brochure for an oranisation this year - although have pretty limited funding.

Last year I used CorelDraw and the Brochure is 44 pages long. Not having use of this program this year, I wonder whether someone could suggest a similar product that is of reasonable cost - a lot to ask maybe, but any assistance would be appreciated.
Adobe InDesign is considered industry standard... weighs in at about £700.

Or there's QuarkXpress which is a bit more expensive.

They are the pro tools for page layout.

Not sure about cheaper though sorry....
I know this is frowned upon within the industry but... perhaps you could download the 30 day demo of indesign and use that to get it done....? You can only demo it once but if you can re-invest your earnings from this job, then perhaps buy a 2nd hand copy of CS2 or CS3 to get you started.
Definitely a good idea to download the 30-day trial if you think you can get it done in that time frame, and if your unfamiliar with InDesign it might be pushing it!

More likely you'll have friend who might know a bit more about Adobe products than you, that you could sit down with and and tell them what you would like .....just an idea?!

or outsource as cheap as you can, maybe to a student

Looks like the demo is your main option but don't under estimate how long it will take to get to grips with InDesign.
There is a list of good free open source software here: Free Printing Software.

I've never tried Scribus personally but it might be worth checking out. It's the open source equivalent of InDesign.

As long as you can make a high res PDF of your brochure, you should be fine.