Brochure Binding Options


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A client of mine would like a brochure with the capability to add / remove / re-order the inner sheets as they see fit. Does anyone know of an interesting and attractive binding method that can achieve this? I have dismissed the obvious choice of the binding screws and hole punch method as this will not fit the design requirements for the cover.

We can think of this as more an 'information pack' rather than a typical brochure as the content of the pack will be tailored to suit their own clients.

Thanks in advance
How about a folder with larger / high capacity inserts.

Would allow mix and match. Also the option to die cut inserts for an index effect?
I should have mentioned - A large capacity folder is the current format, and it's what they're trying to get away from. A lot of the info will be condensed to make it a 'quick read'.
There is no easy way. . . .unless they buy a wiro bind or small perfect bind machine for themselves!
Slide bind is a hideous way that might work. . .

If they go digital on this they could chop and change it as they wish - and could go with personalisation on the cover/inserts as well. We currently have a brochure in our firm that is done this way - the cover personalised and then we have a variety of inserts which can be tailored and changed for the client and then the whole lot is perfect bound - but then we are designers/printers and have the machinery to do it. And of course could do the same or similar for your client.
Wiro Binding


Id recommend the Wirobinding option, i have quite a few clients that ask for it & and its cheap enough providing you have the regular business.