British gas new identity

Nasty typeface - does not flow. 'Flame' has gradients and doesn't sit well with the wording. Could have been better.
Yep. There's a bit of controversy because it was done by an ad agency, not a branding specialist. You can kinda tell. They won the pitch against the Partners, among others. Reckon it was on price looking at the result.
It's a bit trendy, with the whole gradient/ribbon thing going on.

I saw a lecture by Greg Quinton of The Partners last year. It was really good and he was showing how they'd improved a number of brands for the better (Jaguar for one). They would have done a much better job, but I suppose if you don't want to pay for quality you won't get it.
If you removed the text, the 'flame' thing looks like it would easily sit with the current Olympic trends (excluding London 2012 of course). Flowing ribbon esque things with gradients.

Not a fan.
Nah not a fan. As said previously the font doesn't work and the flame icon-ribbon just doesn't sit well with it. Pays your money......
Must admit whilst I'm not keen on the new abstract flame, I do prefer the typeface for the new brand. I think it's the size of the slogan that makes the new logo look uncomfortable. Cover that up and it looks quite nice.
They look as if they are trying to look like a Credit Card. Aesthetically it reminds me of the new Visa logo.

At a time where people are struggling to cope with the rate of inflation whist the energy companies are increasing their margins I think that this is ultimately a bad move. To me it just doesn't look honest. The sharp type face, the hard flame along with the strap line "Looking after your word" filled in a bright Cyan just makes the whole brand identity come across as big corporate business.

They should have stuck to tradition in my opinion and not made such a significant change to their branding.
Yes with regards to the words. No with regards to the design (aesthetics) in my opinion. I feel there is a contrast.
I think it looks fresh. I used to work for the company that used to do some web design for British Gas they are called Steak Digital and are an ad agency does anyone know if this was done by them?