Bristol street map


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I need a street map of Bristol city centre for use in a commercial brochure. I've Googled but can't find anything suitable, so does anyone know where I can download a map, preferably in vector format?
Thanks, Sarah, I might be able to use one of those as a template if I can't find a vector image.

Peter - how strange (in the nicest possible way) that you should reply; I need the map for the Bristol Design Festival programme, which I believe you're printing. Small world, no?

One heck of a coincidence!

At the moment we haven't agreed to work with the Bristol Design Festival. Communication is not easy and the offer we made was some time ago - the clock is ticking and we're still waiting to hear from them as to what publicity they will offer us.

So, at the moment it's a big maybe. The event is one month away! The attraction for us in publicity is fast waning.

How does it work with maps? I've made quite a few up from scratch in Illustrator before, but by the very nature of it being a map means they should all be more or less the same.