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Project management software. Written for the creative industry, by creative people.

If you're in the business of being creative, you'll understand that there's a lot more involved to running a business than producing good work. Whether you're freelancing, or running your own agency, you'll know all too well that your creative mind can easily creak under the pressure of estimating, invoicing and project management.

Before we created Briefcase, we were a successful graphic design and web development agency, looking for help with the headache of keeping the back end of our business running.

We looked at all the software packages available and found two big problems: The options available did not fall within our budget. The options available did not meet all the needs of our business

We talked about writing our own software, which would be tailored to each and every demand of our business and affordable to everyone in our industry. Then we did it.

Years of love, tweaks and perfectionism later, Briefcase has emerged as the leading project management software for the creative industry - organising every single aspect of day to day operations, leaving all your creative minds free and focused to think about the creative stuff.

From estimating to invoicing, from log sheets to project management... Briefcase is easy to use because it works the way we do.
Request the demo here: Briefcase
Sounds great, its good to know that this software solution came from a problem, rather than a "what software can we release now" way of thinking. Will take a look, be interested to know the other designers etc thoughts on this too?

Somebody asked me once (on PM Hut) what differentiates "Design/Creative Project Management" from normal Project Management, and I couldn't answer this question, as I'm not a designer and I don't know what is involved.

I am wondering if anyone in this forum has some information on the subject, or better yet, an article. Feel free to contact me through the "Contact Us" form on PM Hut in case you have something about the subject, I will definitely post it on PM Hut.