Branding Critique Please


I am doing my final major project at college, I am rebranding a fictional TV/radio company called TRN, I have created logo's, leaflets, stationary and a billboard advert.

The logo resembles a TV shape with an aerial.

Looking for some feedback on these, thanks.




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Hi, I really like these, the only thing I would possibly change is the colour on the film variation, as its a bit bland, maybe brighten it up a bit?

Otherwise I really like it :icon_thumbup:
I'd also say its working well too, only thing I'd do (and you have probably done this already) is explore echoing the curves or shapes within the typeface in the TV symbol. The aerial looks a little spikey could it be slightly rounded if or adjusted?

I think the colour palette is working well, love the "TRN it on" copyline. Overall good work!
Maybe consider working on the ariel as it's making the whole thing look like an upside down, rectangular speech bubble.
Overall, excellent designs. Maybe make the TV wider as it looks like an older TV and perhaps make the frame of the TV thinner. You could do a live trace in illustrator of a TV from a manual/catalogue. The colour schemes are very good, my favourite being the pink and blue colours. Great Ad but I would add an exclamation mark, could be a double entendre!