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Hi I am working on a branding project for a Organic Bakery, wanted some advice. I have produced a logo, but the client felt it was too traditional and wanted something a little modern , which was inline with their values. UI have produced some additional logos with variations, but just wanted to know what people thought, or any advice.

The ones above the line are the original logos, and below the line are the revised ones I am working on. They are mainly based around a wheat symbol. Currently in B&W will add colour to a few selected versions.

Any feedback welcome, thanks.


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First impressions are that all the new ones look basically the same - similar fonts and shapes.

They don't really say modern and organic to me. You need to think more rustic and trendy, for want of a better word.


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Think quirky, friendly, home-made. Maybe try hand-drawn fonts, or slightly grungy, definitely try lower case.

Would it look better with a big 'True', followed by Organic Bakery?


Obviously you made great effort. Give your logos some natural, organic and rustic look. Add natural colors. You can show wheat straws in original color in the background and text in the front. Or I could think to make letters like T with wheat straw, and draw the word something like that.
I hope you are getting my idea.
All the best.