Brain not!

Hi there,

I havent been on in a while but wondered if anyone can help me out. I'm having a moment of maddness. I am setting up a document for a business card in Illy. I have done this tonnes of times but my brain is playing games with me today. I have the Px demensions and the mm demensions. When I use the px demensions it is massive and when I use the mm demensions it is tiny? So which do I use? (I used the demensions given on the website that the client 'wants' to print from)

Help asap much needed asap as I cant really start untill my brain sorts its self out or somebody else does!!


I always use mm dimensions... but I also set up business cards in Indesign! No, millimetres should be fine (eg. for a bc 85mmx55mm + 3mm bleed if necessary)
Thanks! Just went with mm and Imhoping it will be okay. My 'client' (and I use that term loosely) wants to order a free vista print run to use first (which is rubbish but each to their own) Im worried what the quailty will be like and that it wont be compromised through the uploading process on their site!! Eeek.

Thanks for your help Kate!
When doing print work always setup the document for print.
- So File > New
- Select 'Print' next to New Document Profile. This will automatically set the units to Millimetres, colour as CMYK and the DPI as 300. Never use pixels as units for print work.