Books on the design process?


Hey guys

I would appreciate any recommendations that anyone may have for a good (preferably up to date) book on the design process. A lot of books which I am finding at the moment are more geared towards a portfolio-style, whereas I would like to find one which takes me through the thinking processes in approaching a brief.

Thank you in advance. :icon_notworthy:
Here are a few I have found useful:

Visual Research
Ian Noble and Russell Bestley- An Introduction to research methodologies in Graphic Design

Creativity for Graphic Design
Mark Oldach - A real-world guide to idea generation

Size Matters
Lakshmi Bhaskaran - Effective graphic design for large amounts of information

How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul
Adrian Shaughnessy - Everything from being freelance to creative process

Type and Typography
Phil Baines & Andrew Haslam - Everything from the history to structure, form and language

Best thing is to head to a book shop and have a read of what they offer and see what interests you.

Also if your interested in thinking processes try:

How to have creative ideas
Edward de Bono - I am a big fan of de Bono and this book is based on random words. It has some brilliant methods to provoke creative/lateral thinkin,g which you can apply to initial idea generation, and can help get you thinking outside of your usual processes.