Booklet layout in Indesign help needed.


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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to set up a 16 page booklet doc. in Indesign. Trouble is, im confused!! This is the first time I have attempted this. I dont know if I should use 2 page spreads, how they should be numbered on the document. If page 1 and 16 should be beside each other! Etc.!!
I have tried to understand indesign's imposition for printing options such us 2-up, but its confusing me to say the least. Please help me! If someone could tell me basically how to set up this document properly and how the pages should be numbered, I would be very grateful.

kind regards.

Set up your pages in single format - following on one from the other. Number from page 1 (and normally even if it is the cover.) and all your FACING (right-hand) pages will be odd numbers and the reverse (ie left-hand pages) will be even numbers. Make sure you have a 3mm bleed all round.

I assume that you are getting it printed? Any printer worth his salt will prefer to have them like this as they will impose them themselves. You should ask what pdf settings they want and send them pdfs.

If you are doing the imposition yourself to print out on a home printer it may be easier to work with pdfs and drop them into a new spread-size layout. A very simple tip is that the page numbers on a spread will add up to the total number of pages + 1. eg. 1 and 16 = 17, 2 and 15= 17, etc.

Hope this helps.