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Hello all,

I am looking to print a childrens cookbook, it is to be used by parents and children themselves so very simple I think is best, plus it will need to lie flat to read each recipe.

My first thoughts are...

Quantity 500
Method: Ring Binding
Self cover / ?gsm natural uncoated card
Inside pages to be on a silk with matt finish to seal.

Any suggestions?:icon_smile:
Need to know size and number of pages before anyone can give you an idea of costs! Is it full colour? Do you want it laminated?
approx 48pp, and leaving the lam etc open for discussion, probably will get it m-laminated on the Front and back Cover and use nice silk approx 200gsm on the inside. But opens to offers see if anyone has produced anything similar.
haha sorry Kate, I was thinking 210 x 210mm, the client did mention A5 to me but I dont really think that will be suitable.
We produced something similar last year - see the last item here.

A few examples of other publications we currently produce are here .

If we can help - feel free to PM.

Best wishes