Bonjour :)


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Hello, i'm nikomtk from France, I registered on this forum because I need a service for a current project. In the process of creating a brewery, I currently need your help to create 2 logos that would identify the future brand of beer that we are going to create. I will give more guidance in the topic I will write for this request. I already thank the community for the help provided.


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Hey nikomtk, welcome to the forum.

Are you wanting to hire someone to help you with your branding?
If so then I'd be happy to move this to the tenders part of the forum.

Alternatively, if you're looking for some feedback on your product then myself and a lot of the other members here will be VERY happy to help. ;)


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you are right, i need a designer to create these 2 logos, you can move this post to the appropriate category.
the specifications are not yet finalized and will certainly not be perfect, which is why I will not be uncompromising on the result, everything will be to have an identity specific to our creation.
Regarding the help offered, you should know that it is the external opinions that are the best (y)