Blue and green should never be seen?

I have just heard the saying "Blue and green should never be seen" and my website is blue with green elements in it, after hearing this I am not sure if my colour scheme is right :icon_Wall:. Can someone comment on it and tell me if I should be using a colour like orange (complementing colour) instead of green cheers.
Haha I've heard the saying changed SO many times! Blue and green should never be seen, red and green should never be seen, pink and green should never be seen, without a colour in between. How about we just forget green exists :icon_rolleyes:

Anyway, can't comment on your particular use of blue and green (which I generally have no problem with), as you have not provided a link :icon_wink:
... except inside a washing machine.

Fair point, though: go out into the countryside in the summertime and look at the way the fields clash with the sky. Awful.
Lol Dave! You have such a way with humour that really tickles me!

Now, back to business, I think your use of colours on your website is absolutely fine Mr georgerogers
Lol that is funny Dave, thanks Linziloop when I put the colour scheme together I liked it but now someone has put doubt in my mind. :icon_cursing: Bloody sales guys should keep their noses out
Your website is fine...professional looking.

There are some colours which shouldn't be on the web... I redesigned one where the green background hurt your eyes and all you could see afterwards was pink spots!
Yahoo have the same issue where some of their news articles that have a black background with small white text, I can only read half of it before my eyes hurt