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Hi, I'm new round these parts so its good to (virtually) meet you all.

I've just started writing posts for my blog as a way to gain interest in my site and share some cool stuff I've come across and experiences I've had.

Here it is:

I'm really keen to know ways to improve and any tips or tricks you might have.
Thanks Corrosive. I am open to critique and as there are only two posts, its still very early days. I do want to add some type of RSS feed and because Google Reader is going, what would you recommend as a replacement to feedburner? Or do you think I should go with feedburner in any case?
Blog looks nice. But I think you can work upon ht e website loading speed. Beside this, try to bring traffic and enhance the customer interaction via comments.
It's got a nice style about it. In terms of layout, though, when I first load the site on my laptop about 50% (possibly more) of the screen area is taken up by the grey background which seems a little on the profligate side.
I would also get a newsletter capture box on there. So at least you get some email addresses if you can. You need these for getting new leads, you don't want visitors reading your blog and never coming back again. Plus they'll miss out on all your latest news and tips :)