Blatent Advert!


Hi guys...

Looking for a printer? Look I'll be straight up, I've done my homework, I've worked with quite a few printers, I used to worked FOR a printer. I got my business flyers today from Stationery Direct and I'm already getting great feedback about them! Great quality, help when I messed the buggers up and great customer service...quick delivery too! To top it off I've looked around and their the most affordable with the best quality!

I'm not being paid, I'm just being honest and fed up with hearing "my printer keeps letting me down" stories.

Do yourself a favour, stop shopping around!

Many thanks :icon_smile:

Tenner in the post lol. There are of course many other great printers who frequent this forum.


I've been in touch with Damon (Boss Hog) on a number of occasions and he's been great to deal with, not actually ordered anything from Stationery Direct yet, but I'm sure I will be very soon.

Without hijacking a post, I printed my Uni projects through Peter at (minuteman press) in Bristol, he's on here too, and the quality of the service I received there was really great too.

There's no need to shop around anywhere else when we have a host of great printers on the forum. I'm sure there's more, just my experiences to date.
I have worked for different printers in the past, and the best printing companies mess up sometimes.
Saying that, you dont want to spend more than you have to on stuff that you order every day, ie busienss cards, flyers etc

Even biggest companies dont throw money around like they used to. Its shocking how companies like Dell, DHL etc can get stuff for the BOTTOM price. Some printers only do it so they can show they've supplied a well known company :icon_confused: