Black light reactive print?


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NOTE - I'm avoiding usin the terms UV, spot & varnish, to avoid confusion.

A client has asked if I can print postcards with black light reactive print. So the post card is solid black with a single line of white text, then when a black light is held over it the content is revealed.

First question has to be is black light ink a thing? How would it be applied? And.. Who can do it?

I've though of having the cards printed then use a stencil and black light spay paint to add the information BUT that would fall down on areas of text.


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Never done it but I have seen it, you're looking for a UV reactive inks. Because it needs to 'be the top layer' you'd basically treat it like a spot/varnish over the top I would guess. Quite a few options out there for screen printing....first link I found
edit: that's for t-shirts etc but they look to do paper printing too so it must be possible :)