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Hi guys,

New to this place so be kind :p

okay, i am doing booklets for a client who has also asked me to design them.

this would normally be fine, however, he has asked for black backgrounds. he has supplied me with images, but the black values do not have C 30% and k100%. what i need to know is how to get them the same for printing?

A step by step would be good.. i have linked the first image as an example.




Toye Graphics
Looking at that piccy the only way to do that (that I know of!) would be to cut the main image out and place it onto a black background you made yourself to your desired values. Are all of your pictures like this one? (on black?)
Don't try to change the black in the pic on its own

Hi Pete

What you need to do is change your image profile to one we can supply you then set up the black backgrounds outside/around the image to the same cmyk profile.

Email [email protected] to request a copy of our profile - he can talk you through where to install it on your mac if need be.

I'm presuming this relates to the booklet spec in the tenders section - obviously we would recommend a sealer/coat on the silk paper and if you have this heavy coverage on the outer cover then I would definately recommend a laminate to avoid cracking on the spine.

I await your response.

ATB, Craig.

That's great. I'm busy until about 4.30 today, I will drop an email then...

If you could get me that quote it would be great!! Your the only one who replied.... Slightly worrying!

Toye graphics
Not true, check your PM's for our quote sent yesterday :icon_smile:

I agree with Craig also, if the outer cover is black on the spine then a gloss or matt laminate is essential or you will end up with the spine cracked and the original white showing through, and again a sealer should be used throughout on silk.

Hope that helps.
You can get the black values to C30 K100 by simply doing a selective colour adjustment to the black around the globe, but to be honest you really don't need to get to C30 K100 as long as your ink levels are below 300%. I have converted your image to CMYK using our 300% ink profile and the value of the black is 298-299%. Take a reading from the black in the image and create this custom black in your page layout program and use as your background colour. I'll email you the image now...