Billboard design

Hi Guys,

This is probably a bit of a noob question but having never designed anything at this scale before I’m not really sure where to begin. Basically I have the opportunity to design for a large bill (print size 10,000mm high x 20,000mm wide) the brief asks for submissions to be 7,000mm high x 15,400mm wide at 600 dpi which is obviously going to be a HUGE file if I design at that size. So I was just wondering how anyone else would tackle this and what size would your canbas size would be in Photoshop.

Thanks for any help

I have the artwork requirements for primesight (I do some 96 sheet artwork - 12192x3048mm). It states that all Photoshop or scanned images should be scanned at 300dpi repro size. But recommened that artwork is done in pro and recommends 10% (ie 1219.2mm x 304.8mm.) Just checked and my images are 300dpi at the artwork size. I do all my artwork in Indesign, turn all fonts to outlines and then send a hi-res image. Looks fine!