Billboard Advertising. Anyone got any experience?


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I've taken on a client who is requesting pricing for advertising on a 48sheet billboard in York.

Firstly do we have any members who know where there are ad spaces that big within the City or know who I should contact?

Does anyone know if its even possible to hire just a single billboard (my research so far says not).

And finally who should I contact?
Spot the boards you would like - take a note of the relevant ID code and owner - will be marked below / above / to the side - then contact direct.

Usually they are booked months in advance with on-going campaigns - small advertisers are not generally liked and pay big premiums (unless an unpopular location).

My research so far suggests that billboards cost in excess of £250 each per week with a minimum booking of 500 billboards (£125,000 per fortnight) so I'm guessing this is going to be a non starter.
What about buses?
Also try they have a way of checking what's available on-line.
Cheers for that.

The client recons they have found a local firm who can supply them a billboard at £2000 for four two week blocks so I'm letting them get on with it. He thinks this price includes the design and print of the poster.... I think he's going to be very disapointed when he realises that 48 sheet billboard posters costs in excess of £150 each plus design costs!
It's not people. Its person! He has huge ideas, a real knack for seeing opportunity but unfortunately deep pockets and very short arms!

I seem to spend at least 20 mins a day telling him that the latest idea won't be cheap but he never listens. He generally gets a quote from me, finds a cowboy to do it for half the price, gets ripped off then comes back scratching his head. He's slowly learning that the only thing you get dirt cheap is dirt.