Big Client + Naff Work / Portfolio = help!


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Hey guys- just wanted to run this little problem I'm having by you and get some opinions.

A while back I did a job for a company working with Google. The end result was good for where I was at the time, but I've since improved / refined my style and the piece is starting to stick out in my portfolio a bit. Ideally I'd like to remove it, so I can have a stronger more stylistic portfolio that better reflects me and the work that I do now. However, having a client like Google to wave above my head is a really big deal.

What do you think I should do? Can I get away with removing the project, but keeping Google in a previous clients section?

Any help or opinions would be a big help.

Hi HuntingTown, This is a problem I have suffered quite a few times, not with clients as big as Google though :) first off, how big was the work? if the piece you produced wasn't that time consuming have you considered updating it so it does fit into your portfolio? this would solve the issue, make an older client happy and possibly lead to further paid work. It's a gamble as they may not even want to update the piece but you never know. other than that, if it makes your portfolio look bad then bury it at the back, new prospective clients will generally hire you on what your work looks like, not who you have worked for previously. Hope this helps.

Yak Out!